June 22, 2010

Sam's a Thinker

Sam (dry pastel 12" x 24")
After some good advice from a friend, I made a few tweaks and I think I am done. I'm just not sure if Sam thinks I am. It was nice to have the oil study since I had already done a lot of the work on that earlier piece it made this one flow a bit easier than I think it would have otherwise. This final was completed on Sennelier La Carte Pastel paper - one of my all-time favorites. This was fun.

Thanks so much for checking up on my work and a warm welcome to the new followers, too!


  1. Super job, Sandy. Really impressed that it's Pastels. And then...I am partial to cattle. If you don't mind, I'm posting it to my desktop so I can study your use of color, layers, and stroke.

  2. Sandy his fur is totally believable! Nice work

  3. This is a lovely cow painting. It is a very nice portrait.

  4. Aww excellent Sandy! I really like the composition, the cropping works really well)

  5. Hi Carol Anne,
    Thank you so much. I would be honored to have Sam grace your desktop.

    Thank you.

    Ruth Andre,
    What a kind comment; thank you.

  6. Hi Sandy,

    Your work is excellent. I will be posting a thumb nail on my blog. Just to keep up with you wonderful art. Thank you for sharing.

    All the best to you.


  7. What a great cow!! And comp!----We raise cows and I am currently feeding a bottle calf, Lucy. I take pictures of them , and sit by the corralls to learn to draw their feet! They come and stand just to watch me! I got a couple of great shots of some Herefords just yesterrday, and I know I could never paint what I what as well as this one!! Great nose, and the whole posture of her, or gesture, its just so nice!

  8. Sam is wonderful!!!And that look... just great!

  9. Joan, Thanks so much for stopping by and for the link!

    Ida, Such a fine compliment coming from someone sitting right next to a cow :). Thank so much.

    Suzanne, I am always honored by your compliments. Thank you.