June 14, 2010

Beach Bound (in my heart)

Steppin' Out (dry pastel, 11 x 14) available on my website

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE the water? It is the anticipation of that very first toe-dip that can keep me on the edge of my seat for a ride that seems to take for...e...v...e...r.   I feel like Donkey in Shrek, always saying "are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

I'll leave you with this. I'm off to paint some water.

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  1. Happy painting! Have fun...


  2. I absolutely love the image Sandy, so much to the imagination, fantastic)

  3. Enjoy! I know exactly how you feel about the water. This is an amazing piece, just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you did today!

  4. Cute Painting. I like your good work.

  5. I am in awe of your artwork Sandy. It is truly amazing. I do hope you exhibit your work. You deserve proper recongniton for such a talent! :0)

  6. Thank you all, so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate them so much.