August 26, 2008

Cat Pastel Painting, Classic Beauty

Classic Beauty
7 x 5 supported charity: Sarvey Wildlife Center
Our Biscuit seems to be transfixed by the sweet smell of the freshly picked roses. Often, the problem is deciding between the red, white and pink ones. For this painting I decided not to choose. But instead, I included as many as I could fit in this small format, being certain to leave room for the little Princess to make her cameo appearance and to show her approval of my selection.

August 24, 2008

Cat Pastel Painting, Evesdroppers in the Kitchen

Evesdroppers in the Kitchen

5 x 7 supported charity: Cast-away Cats
sold $100

Gravy always seemed to think he was in charge of everything that went on in our house (hmmm) so when Larry and I would be making plans, Gravy and his little sidekick, Biscuit, could usually be found with their ears tipped just right for listening to every....single....detail.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with our beloved Gravy while working on this painting! We are so blessed to have had him in our lives.