March 14, 2013

Love is Love (18 x 24 pastel on La Carte) SOLD

Through flight and fields of feathers, true love returns to where it belongs because regardless, Love is Love.
The Trumpeter Swans gather in the fields of Skagit Valley (Washington) every year and every year I dash out with my camera hoping to see them. They cover the fields in the valleys, nearly looking like fields of snow from a distance. It doesn't seem to matter that I saw them last year, I want to see them again this year. I want to meet the new arrivals and watch their spectacular displays (always keeping a respectful distance, of course).
Until one sees them up close, you might not realize how large these birds are. In fact, they are the largest waterfowl of North America with a wingspan (males) of six to eight feet. And you might be able to imagine what a field of trumpets, all playing at the same time, must sound like! It is something to behold.
Another lovely fact; Trumpeter Swans, generally having a lifespan of twenty to thirty years, also mate for life.