May 25, 2012

Before the Fall

Skagit Skies, 12 x 24, pastel (sold)
click for a larger view

So, this time I actually have a really good reason for being away for so long.

I admit I am calling out the sympathy card a bit here, but mostly I just wanted to check in to let you all know I  have been lurking but not typing much. I recently fell about 4 ft off a hill in our back yard onto our paved driveway, head first, and fractured my left elbow (I’m left handed) and sprained my right wrist. I haven’t been able to paint for awhile so the piece above is from "before the fall."

After a spell of not being able to use my arms, at least I can type now so I’m getting back in to the swing of things (so to speak). I hope y'all are doing well.

Happy Painting; I'll be joining you soon!