March 23, 2009

Original pastel painting, Golden tabby cat

The Beckoning Cat, dry pastel
5 x 7
Sold $256
partial funds to Animal Dreams
I have used this pose of Gravy in a previous painting and just love it so much I decided to use it a little differently this time because I felt it so fitting for this piece.

My niece first introduced me to Neko by gifting me with this little porcelain version (that I used as the model for the painting) after one of her trips abroad.

The story is about a cat in Japan (Maneki Neko) who beckoned several samurai to follow it into a temple, near Tokyo, by raising its left paw. There the samurai took shelter from a storm and then spread the word of the shrine and the cat who found them shelter from the storm and brought them luck. Since then the cat with the raised paw has been a symbol for good luck and wealth.

My story is about (our) Gravy who, like Neko, brought nothing but good fortune to those he met. When we found him, he raised his paw and placed it directly and very intently on my husband's leg and there and then he entered our hearts forever. He always brought us a wealth of love so I guess that paw thing works!

March 02, 2009

Tuxedo cat,original pastel painting

Love bug
5 X 7
Sold $205
partial funds to Animal Dreams
Another "caught by the sun" moment with Biscuit. I was actually trying to work on a landscape painting when she pulled this little number on me! Look at that face ~ just begging to be painting. So, this is how we spent our afternoon together. Sweet, huh?