November 29, 2012

Stand Beside Her (work in progress)

Stand Beside Her
(24 x 18 dry pastel) SOLD
It feels to me that I live in the most blessed place on earth. It doesn't seem to matter what simple chore I am doing, I am surrounded by beauty. Lucky me, lucky, lucky me. I have to stop what I love doing (painting) to dash to the grocery store (which I don't like doing) and am greeted with THIS view on the way. Along my merry way. So, it is an incident as simple as this that renews my living philosophy that God is ever-present and blessings abound in every task.
Following are some images of how she was created. Well, you know, not from the beginning, just my feeble attempt on the easel...

This is the"rough-in" stage on salmon-colored Sennelier La Carte paper.
(click image for larger views) 

Pastels are MADE for painting clouds. I think it's as close as one can get to the feeling of actually making real ones.

After getting the sky pretty much in place, I started working on the land, from the furthest piece forward.

 And, here's the final again - just to complete the WIP series.

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