June 22, 2010

Sam's a Thinker

Sam (dry pastel 12" x 24")
After some good advice from a friend, I made a few tweaks and I think I am done. I'm just not sure if Sam thinks I am. It was nice to have the oil study since I had already done a lot of the work on that earlier piece it made this one flow a bit easier than I think it would have otherwise. This final was completed on Sennelier La Carte Pastel paper - one of my all-time favorites. This was fun.

Thanks so much for checking up on my work and a warm welcome to the new followers, too!

June 18, 2010

What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World (8 x 10 oil on panel)
Fundraiser for Pasado's Safe Haven - SOLD

Having been blessed with a heart wide open for animals, one of my greatest passions is painting to raise money to support the welfare of animals. So, yesterday I did just that. I had a perfect day enjoying the company of this kitty (on the easel) I met a while ago at our local animal shelter. He was subsequently adopted and I have a feeling his new theme song must be "What a Wonderful World".

I see skies of blue, clouds of white
Bright blessed days, dark sacred nights
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!

Thanks for the tunes, Mr. Armstrong!

June 14, 2010

Beach Bound (in my heart)

Steppin' Out (dry pastel, 11 x 14) available on my website

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE the water? It is the anticipation of that very first toe-dip that can keep me on the edge of my seat for a ride that seems to take for...e...v...e...r.   I feel like Donkey in Shrek, always saying "are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

I'll leave you with this. I'm off to paint some water.

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June 10, 2010

Wee Three selected for Fav 15% BOLDBRUSH competition

Wee Three (dry pastel 16" x 20") sold

It sure makes my day to open an email and see the word "Congratulations" and know it's real. This morning I recieved one of those from FineArtViews letting me know my painting, Wee Three, made it in to the Fav 15% for the March 2010 BoldBrush competition. I consider that quite an honor since it was up against some fabulous competition! Thanks FineArtViews; next time I'm going for an award (check out these winning pieces).

June 09, 2010

And I Said to the Sea...I love thee

In Perfect Rythm (20" x 16" dry pastel) sold

And I said to the Sea, so see, I do love thee.

And she said back to me, Yes, Sand, I see.
And, I love thee.
The Sea.

My Mom tells me that when we were babies she would put us in hammocks (I think used for clothes on sailboats) on our family boat and off to sea we would go. Mind you, it was likely just for the weekend but to a baby it probably seemed like a month-long adventure. I know I loved it. Right, Mom? There are also family stories of living in Florida during hurricane season and when everyone else was packing their cars and hitting the roads, we were heading down the dock (no running allowed) where we could board our boat, head to sea, and be really safe.

Moving on to when I was eight, my family moved to Cannes (on the French Riviera) and the best way to get there seemed to be a trans-Atlantic trip aboard the Leonardo da Vinci cruise liner. During our return trip the weather turned and we were tossed about in 35ft-high seas with the wind kicking up to 65 knots. During that storm, the British freighter Ambassador was sinking and had radioed the coastguard that the crew was going to abandon ship but that they did not have any lifeboats available (on the leeward side). The Leonardo da Vinci was one of six ships in the vicinity of the sinking ship and changed course to assist. Because of the high seas, she was unable to get close enough to the Ambassador; although she continued with her attempts until the Norwegian vessel Fruen arrived. After futile rescue attempts, The Ambassador sank in turbulent waters a thousand miles off the coast of New York. Thankfully, the crew was rescued.

My memories are not filled with the scary stuff; they are filled with the blessings of the water and excitement of it. I lost track of how many boats my family has owned over the years but I’ve never lost track of my love for the waves lapping up against the hulls!

June 08, 2010

Gully and the Jeepers

Gully and His Jeepers (dry pastel on pastelbord, 11 x 14)

Can't you just imagine them getting ready for their sunset gig at the beach? Soon all the little sandpiper girls will be gathering around oohing and ahhing and shaking their tail-feathers! There is always fun to be had at the beach.

A little closer view of the bandleader...

June 05, 2010

Building Trust

Building Trust (oil 16" x 20")

During the Whidbey Island Farm Tour last fall, I had an opportunity to visit one of my favorite places on the island, the Wildwood Farms. They are just a skip and jump down the road from where we live. I have been going  there to sneak a peek at their horses for over thirty years!

 The two horses in this painting really caught my attention during my last visit because of their obvious closeness to each other. I could feel they trusted each other, I just wasn't sure they trusted the photographer quite as much...perhaps an apple could help persuade them?

This piece will be included in my upcoming Art Show in Coupeville, WA, over the 4th of July weekend. I will be among some other wonderful artists and we would love to have you stop by:

  • July 3 & 4th
  • 10 am - 5pm
  • Coupeville, WA (corner of Coveland and Alexander Streets)

June 03, 2010

To Crop or Not to Crop

Strawberry Point (dry pastel 8 x 10)

Hmmm, I'm not sure I've done the right thing here but something was nagging me about this painting. Often, if a painting stares at me from my wall, sending off vibes like that, for too long something is bound to happen. Since this was painted on paper, it was safe from a total scrub :). Instead I cropped it and reworked some of the areas to make the composition work a little better in its new space and boundries.

This is what it looked like before, as an 11 x 14.

I would really like your honest feedback so if you feel so inclined, please leave me a comment and let me know which you prefer. I can handle it (though I can't get the old one back - no "undo" button here).

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