June 09, 2010

And I Said to the Sea...I love thee

In Perfect Rythm (20" x 16" dry pastel) sold

And I said to the Sea, so see, I do love thee.

And she said back to me, Yes, Sand, I see.
And, I love thee.
The Sea.

My Mom tells me that when we were babies she would put us in hammocks (I think used for clothes on sailboats) on our family boat and off to sea we would go. Mind you, it was likely just for the weekend but to a baby it probably seemed like a month-long adventure. I know I loved it. Right, Mom? There are also family stories of living in Florida during hurricane season and when everyone else was packing their cars and hitting the roads, we were heading down the dock (no running allowed) where we could board our boat, head to sea, and be really safe.

Moving on to when I was eight, my family moved to Cannes (on the French Riviera) and the best way to get there seemed to be a trans-Atlantic trip aboard the Leonardo da Vinci cruise liner. During our return trip the weather turned and we were tossed about in 35ft-high seas with the wind kicking up to 65 knots. During that storm, the British freighter Ambassador was sinking and had radioed the coastguard that the crew was going to abandon ship but that they did not have any lifeboats available (on the leeward side). The Leonardo da Vinci was one of six ships in the vicinity of the sinking ship and changed course to assist. Because of the high seas, she was unable to get close enough to the Ambassador; although she continued with her attempts until the Norwegian vessel Fruen arrived. After futile rescue attempts, The Ambassador sank in turbulent waters a thousand miles off the coast of New York. Thankfully, the crew was rescued.

My memories are not filled with the scary stuff; they are filled with the blessings of the water and excitement of it. I lost track of how many boats my family has owned over the years but I’ve never lost track of my love for the waves lapping up against the hulls!


  1. This is so lovely, Sandy. Your handling of the light on the dark side of the rock lends a real intimacy--best admired with a click to the picture.

  2. Sandy, you have such an incredible feel for the sea that shows in your work! I normally do not look twice at paintings of the ocean but yours draw me in completely! The atmosphere, the colours, everything seems to be just right! And what a fortunate childhood to have spent so much time on the water. I live fairly near the ocean now and go down to just stare at it when I get the chance and at Desolation Sound, the area where I live, it has the wild feel that is especially dramatic and moving.
    I always dreamed of living near the sea and I made it - wish I could afford to actually live right on the shore, but all oceanfront property is beyond my finances - it's ok - I don't have to live right next to it to go see it.

  3. Thanks so much for your comment, Carol. That was so nicely said.

    Karen, it's funny you say that about ocean paintings because I used to feel the same way - until I started painting them :). I have been fortunate enough to visit Desolation Sound and it a beautiful place, indeed! Thank you for stopping by and for commenting.

  4. Interesting history youve had Sandy and this is beautiful. The action, the drama, and most for me the pastel colours so subtle create a lovely atmospheric piece.

  5. Anonymous6/17/2010

    I am mesmerized by your water works. I can taste the salt, feel the moist air, and hear the language of the sea. Your sea stories are fabulous--I feel like I was right there with you! You are a gift!!!

  6. You, Diane, are a gift, too. You have always been with me and will be evermore.