January 28, 2009

Big Joy, dry pastel
8 x 10
partial funds to Pasado's Safe Haven

This is a Bernese Mountain dog I met while visiting one of our local islands, Lopez (one of the Washington San Juan Islands). He was patiently waiting outside a cafe while his people sipped on their espressos and ate bagels. He didn't seem to mind much since the sun was nice and toasty. I'm pretty sure the next order of the day was a nice long nap!

January 24, 2009

Dog and Cat pastel painting

Buster and His Shadow, dry pastel
8 x 10
partial funds to Pasado's Safe Haven
This is Buster, my aunt's dog, and his shadow, Goldie. If Buster went to the greenhouse, Goldie went to the greenhouse. If Buster got a drink of water, Goldie got a drink of water. If Buster went to round up the cattle, well, there went Goldie right beside him. What a pair and what a hoot to watch them together!

January 22, 2009

Bird Pastel Painting

Singer at Heart, dry pastel
14 x 18
available for a short time through eBay
Yes, typically flickers can't sing, but you won't convince this flicker who discovered a grand piano and an open window.

After initially finishing this piece, I lived with it for awhile. Some paintings just want to stay close to home longer than others and I have found there is usually a reason. Either it is a heart tug so strong it can't let go or there's just a little something that needs tweaking. This one wanted a little more of something, it just took me a while to figure out exactly what that was. You have to be verrrrrry quiet to hear what a flower wants. I recently added the fallen flower petal and I feel that the petal gave this painting the balance it needed. Ah. Silence.

January 19, 2009

Pansy Pastel Painting, Pansy Paradise

Pansy Paradise, dry pastel
11 x 14 (sold)

I can hardly wait for Spring! It's my favorite time of year, when everything is in bloom and gardens are full of God's amazing array of saturated color.