May 18, 2010

Study of Sam, from oils to pastels

Sam, a study (oil 8 x 10) available on Etsy

Traditionally, pastels were used as studies for oil paintings. I often like to use oil paintings as studies for my pastel paintings and this one of "Sam" (named in honor of  Sam-Dolman, painter) is no exception. I still have a few refinements to make to the pastel painting which is larger and longer (12 x 24).

I really enjoy the process of working on a study. I know there are lots of things I can work out in Photoshop (I love Photoshop) but there are some things that can only happen, for me anyway, while working at the easel. Doing a study gives me a chance to really study and experiment on a particular subject in the painting without the fear of wearing out the paper or canvas.


  1. Well I am truly privileged Sandy, and you know how much I like cows-is it a hereford? Beautiful colour variation and that look seems to say 'Im keeping my eye on you!'

  2. Sam is cool. I look forward to seeing what you do to refine this fine looking fellow.

    I, too, LOVE Photoshop. You're right though, the organic experience is necessary sometimes to get the 'feel' of the work. However, I must admit that probably 95% of my work is figured out in Photoshop anymore - It's faster, has an undo, and saves me on materials, and has an undo...

    Did I mention that Photoshop has an undo?


  3. I love this painting, Sandy! I, too, like to do oils as studies for pastels.

    When my workshops students were learning about the importance of value over color, I told them about you putting red film on your glasses...and how the UPS man looks at you a bit strangely when you answer the door! (At least that's how I remember the story....). They all got a laugh out of that one. I hope they look you up!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog posts!

  4. Aw, Sam. I am so glad you like Sam :)

    Thanks, Don. Yes, where IS that CTRL ALT Z on the easel, anyway?

    Ha Ha, Mary. That is funny. Yes, that is the story and still makes me laugh when I think about it. I have since graduated to a value filter I don't have to tape to my glasses!

  5. Just popping in from "Flying Lessons"! You have beautiful work. This piece reminds me of the days I use to spend out at my granparents farm. I remember sitting and looking at the cows through the barbed wire fence. There was something about them that was so calming. You've really captured that in this painting:)

  6. Hi Joella,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my little cow :).

    Best wishes,