May 12, 2010

Cat Pastel Painting - A Reason for the Sun

A Reason for the Sun (pastel, 8 x 14 sold)
Biscuit is my constant studio companion and never ceases to be inspiration for me at the easel. It is more than her external beauty. It is much more than what you see with her long flowing mane and those beautiful sun-catching eyes of hers. It is really much more than that. She has the sweetest, kindest, most generous little personality I have ever encountered in an animal. She has made an appearance in The Pastel Journal four times and I have lost count of how many times I have painted her. I wonder if there is a spot for her in the Guinness World Records. Hmmm....


  1. Biscuit is beautiful, and you've captured her perfectly. I love the blue glow behind her which really brings out the orange highlights in her fur.


  2. I love the composition Sandy, very elegant, youve handled the fur wonderfully)

  3. Thanks so much, Don. She glows all by herself so it was a joy to just be able to add the finishing touches :).

    Sam, thank you. I really enjoy this format when painting and, in fact, have one in a similar format that I'll be posting in your honor soon.

  4. She is beautiful! And so is her painting....
    you did her justice.

  5. Love your kitty, love your art! Am adding you to my blogroll so I'll be sure to come back and visit again.