May 01, 2010

Light or Dark - Pick a Value

Colors are such an addiction, aren't they? I was thinking about some of my other SEAL (Self Engendered Art Lesson) projects and thought I would share this one that I know many artists before me have done and many artists after me will do; a basic value study. I think it is such a great exercise. To mix it up a little, I chose to do this one using pastels. Yum. I thought I would miss the color but, really, there was something that felt free about not having to make color choices...but just for a little bit. I'll soon be back to my addiction.

About the painting: This Little Light (pastel, 9 x 12) Ever since she was born, my grand-daughter has held that special little place in the heart and arms of her Papa. My goal for this painting was to convey that sense of security, trust and love she has for him and, in return, the love, sense of protection and longing for the right future he has for her.


  1. This is lovely, Sandy. I think the lack of color actually conveys the sentiment very well. Maybe because you're forced to focus on the faces since there's no pretty colors to look at?

  2. Not only is it a beautiful scene Sandy, but the lack of colour creates a wonderful atmosphere

  3. Hi Deborah,
    I agree with your assessment and thank you for your kind comment.

    Sam, I had not thought of atmosphere but now am taking a second look at the painting and enjoy this new perspective. Thank you for that.

  4. A good reminder of value and the strength of that one element alone. very nice