July 15, 2012

Here Fishy Fishy

Lilypad Playground (dry pastel, 25 x 41 framed) by Sandy Byers

As a child, I could spend endless hours laying on a dock with my head hanging over the edge just waiting for something to move. Anything! Then, when it did, I recall getting all excited trying to figure out what made the ripples in the water. I looked quickly from side to side and checked under the dock and around the poles, searching for the culprit.

Sometimes, it would be something a small as a minnow kissing the air that would set off circles and circles of waves intended to drift out to sea.

I still find that enjoyment in the water at the edge of a dock.

This piece will be part of my upcoming show at the Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes. If you get a chance to stop by during the opening reception, I would love your company. Plus, it will be during the Anacortes Arts Festival so there will be lots and lots of fun things to see and do!

Scott Milo Gallery
August 3rd - Sept 4th
Artist Reception August 3rd (Friday) 6-9 pm


  1. Oooo! Great bubble and water drops too!!!!

  2. This is beautiful Sandy! I love the little glimpse of the fish poking it's head up out of the water. And I can just picture you as a girl leaning over and waiting for something to move, I think I was that girl too. :)

  3. Just beautiful!!!

  4. I agree - this is absolutely beautiful!

  5. GORGEOUS pastel, Sandy!!! I can't say enough on how I feel about this painting! I actually "feel" the movement! Perfect!!

  6. Carolyn, That is just so kind; thank you!

    Hi Crystal :) Haha! yes, it's such a great feeling/thing to recall, isn't it? Toe-dippin...

    Thank you Emily!

    Sue, thanks for stopping by and for such a nice comment.

    Hi Hilda :) Thank you so much - please feel free to grab a towel if you need one (hehe).