July 10, 2012

Fun at the Festival

Me, soaking up the rays! 

First in order is a huge thanks to Whidbey Island Fine Art Studios for all the work they did to bring together such a great gathering of artists and models; THANK YOU! It was wonderful to be in such great company and in the company of those who were kind enough to visit the festival, too.

I enjoyed meeting so many nice folks, artists and patrons. Everyone seemed in super spirits and I have a hunch that was partly due to the sunny skies that graced us for both days.

The festival was the first public appearance for the lastest version of the Attache Board, which is a tool my husband (Larry) built. You can see it right behind me with all my stuff attached to it. Pretty soon we'll get a video made so it will be easier to see how it works but it was great to see other artists' reactions to it. We sold several of them and I am excited for others to start using what I think is an incredible studio tool. It was initially built with a pastel artist in mind (me :-) but because I also paint with oils, Larry incorporated some additional accessories that work really well for holding smaller sized canvas and boards.

Moe, who is hanging out on the Attache Board, was keeping an eye on everyone at the fair and I think he even fell in love a time or two. I could mostly tell by the look in his eyes...oh-so-dreamy...

Moe, a pastel painting by Sandy Byers
11 x 14 pastel on paper

And, have I mentioned how fabulous it is to be painting again?!

Speaking of painting...off I go. Thanks for stopping by and thanks to those of you who have signed up for my newsletter.



  1. I would so love to be involved in something like this. It sounds like you had a ball! I like the look of the board too - but, oh that sheep!!! I can hardly stop studying it! That wool looks touchable! :0)

  2. Oh My, s/he's wonderful!

  3. Hi Sandra, Yes! It was a blast and thanks so much for your nice comment about Moe :).

    Hi Sherry! Awww, thanks!