November 03, 2011

A Raisin for Everything

A Raisin for Everything
14 x 20 dry pastel on Pastelmat
(click to enlarge)

It might be obvious that raisins are her favorite food! This is my grand-daughter all cozied up in her camping chair that is staked out in the living room (fake camping, real raisins).

I still haven't had a chance to make my rounds. I miss seeing what everyone has been working on lately. My days have been filled with studio work so I'm not complaining. I hope y'all are finding peace at your easels. Thanks so much for stopping by. See ya soon!



  1. What a sweet face, beautifully painted,love the band aid on her knee too.

  2. This is really sweet, Sandy! Love it. :)

    P.S. Are you going to the NPS reception on the 12th?

  3. just amazingly beautiful sandy!! i'm off to get lost in it for a bit. so good to see you.

  4. Uh, oh! Is that a boo-boo on her knee? I think a raisin will help...

    Sandy, you're just too dang good.


  5. How cute is this, wonderfully captured !

  6. Sandy, ..she is adorable and you painted her beautifully.

  7. Diane, Thank you so much - I like the band aid, too. I think it adds a bit more to the story. I appreciate your comment.

    Hi Kari, Thanks so much :)

    Suz, Thanks for your notes! I appreciate you.

    Don, Ha! Yes, sad but true. I'm sure she will be a stronger woman because of it :). Thanks for stopping by.

    Jane, Welcome and thank you!

    Hi Hilda. Thanks so much for your kind comment.