October 04, 2011

A Little Sea Study

8 x 10 pastel seascape study (sold)

Hi all,
For those of you dropping by, thank you. I apologize for not posting for so long. I am in one of those art merry-go-rounds. I am deep in my art world and reinventing parts of how I do things and apparently it takes nearly all of me to do that. I miss everyone and will be by shortly to visit and comment.

Cheers and Happy Painting (I hope),


  1. Beautiful! I love the glow of the light through the wave and the glorious little spots of light along the surf.

    I was just today thinking about how long it has been since you've posted, and then there was this in my dashboard! Glad to see you back, even if it's a brief stop off the merry-go-round ;).

  2. This is really beautiful. Take all the time you need. It seems you've doing marvelous things with your art.

  3. It seems that everyone is saying similar things as to why they are absent at the moment, myself included! It must be something to do with the time of year! But your work is always SO worth the wait. This is absolutely breath-taking! :0)

  4. This is one of the best uses of the blue/orange complimentary color schemes that I've ever seen. Gorgeous!

    I can understand what you're saying about your absence. I've been going through something quite similar over the past couple months. I've still been posting, but my visits to friends have been greatly reduced. I hope to get back to a more consistent flow of conversation soon.


  5. Hi Sandy,

    Your work is worth the wait. Lovely painting!!


  6. Beautiful pastel! amazing!

  7. this is such a beautiful painting, Sandy!! Absolutely perfect!!!

  8. This is so beautiful. I love your colors and the sense of movement.

  9. i believe this is one of my very favorites of yours...just stunning!

  10. Sonya, Thank you for such a nice comment and for stopping by.

    Susan, I appreciate your kind comment. I believe it's the call of the studio that has me in a trance!

    Sandra, Aw, thanks! That was so nice of you.

    Don, Wow - what a compliment! I'm anxious to see what you've been working on lately. I'll be by soon.

    Sue, That's so nice. Thank you!

    Susanna, Welcome and thanks so much.

    Hilda, it's so nice to see you. Thank you very much for stopping by.

    Nancy, That is so kind of you. Many thanks!

    Hi Suz, thank you for your amazing generosity!