November 30, 2011

Brrrrrrr, Winter is Upon Us

Early Snow (click for a larger view)
16 x 20 dry pastel on Sennelier La Carte 

Gosh, it seems I was just putting out the summer hammocks and here it is, Winter already. I guess I should look out my studio window more often. I've been in a painting frenzy of late, getting ready for my "feature" show at Cole Gallery. I'm excited because it's an animal show and I love having an excuse to spend hours-on-end painting animals. Yes, yes, the piece above is in the animal category but it is making its way to gallery sooner (rather than later) to celebrate the Winter season. If it hasn't flown away by February, it may just be in the show.

I suspect there are many artists who do the same thing I do and that is some pretty intense thinking during painting sessions. I can go for days without making a sound or hearing a sound while I am working (well, excuse me, Miss Biscuit). I'm just stuck there, in my painting and in my brain. My recent awards have me thinking a lot lately about the balance between confidence and humility. One must have enough humility to want to continue to improve and enough confidence to work through the stages of improvements. Sometimes, it seems the stages of wanting improvement are insurmountable and then determination takes on it's role and helps me to the finish line. I do know it is a lot of work to do what we artists do so I solute you all for all you do. Cheers to creativity!


  1. I do SO much thinking when I paint, but only about the painting or subject itself. So in that respect I find it so very theraputic since I can't possibly think about anything else going on! Your winter painting is truly beautiful! I love how the light catches the tip of the feathers like that :0)

  2. Beautiful work and encouraging words.

  3. Sandy, I want to thank you for visiting my Journey blog and your kind words. . It is more of a personal diary for myself but others can share in it ... Most of my art is on another blog ...
    What I must say is I don't know when I've seen such beautiful paintings, and I'm really sincere in that.. Your art is amazing, whenever I need inspiration I shall come here and just look... sincerely BJ

  4. I've solved all the world's problems when painting. My problem is that I can't stop painting long enough to write them down, and then I forget what I was thinking by the time I finish painting. Oh, well...

    You're right. Winter has come too quickly. I still cannot fathom that this was the first day of December! Your "Early Snow" is a wonderful way to celebrate, though. I wonder if it will make it to the February show...

    Congratulations on all your well-deserved accolades, and on your willingness to continue to stretch yourself despite them. It could be so easy to become complacent with a style or subject that has been well-received. But, then, where would the fun be?


  5. Hi Sandy,

    Although winter did come around quickly you have taken advantage of it's own beauty with this lovely painting. Wonderful work! How exciting to do an animal show.


  6. Lovely winter scene! Well, when I paint, I'm in a different world. A happy world.I listen to classical music and loose myself in painting. I don't know when the time passes.
    Keep it going...Soon will be summer again...

  7. Sandy, I love visiting your blog and seeing all your art. Miss Biscuiet reins supreme, its great to see her. Also the painting of the poppies, I plant zininia's and try to paint them--its so hard, I can not paint a flower it seems. currently I am punishing myself with a oil painting. I really find oils a bit difficult and this surprizes me--still I forge on. I honestly love pastles! Well, have a wonderful year, and continue to paint, and win, and paint some more!