February 16, 2011

Saratoga Gold

Saratoga Gold (12 x 24, pastel)
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In honor of the windy weather we have been having on Whidbey Island over the past several days, I thought I would post this little piece of the storm just outside my studio.  I love this kind of weather. Well, except for the power outages. That's a bit of a bother.

Waves from the island to all, 
and always, 


  1. Sandy, Your waves never disappoint. In fact, it was one of your wave paintings that drew me to your work in the first place almost 2 years ago. Keep these beauties coming.


  2. Gorgeous pic of the sea in one of its moods :)
    Hope you're safe and warm xx

  3. Sandy, it gives the sense of being there in your studio looking out and seeing this stormy weather and it's affect on the beach. A great atmospheric painting.

  4. There are just no words!
    Your art is nothing short of incredible! All I can say is that I am sighing in awe :0)

  5. Hi, I love your work, I love the colors and light that you give very good job congratulations, greetings.

  6. Great job on that wild sea. What a view you have!

  7. Wonderful mood. This is a beautiful painting.

  8. Don, Thanks so much. Wow, was that really 2 years ago? Geez, I need to get more paintings done :)

    Pat, thanks so much. We are nice and toasty now that the snow has finally melted!

    Joan, that is exactly what I was hoping for so thank you for that nice comment.

    Sandra, gosh, thanks ;)

    Ricardo, welcome and thank you for stopping by my blog and for the really nice comment. I appreciate it.

    Deborah, Thanks! I do love my view; I feel like I belong here.

    Susan, thank you so much.

  9. This painting is absolutely fantastic, Sandy! I love the yellowish color of the sea waves, full of sand! Great!

  10. Thank you for such a nice compliment, Cristina. I enjoy your work so much, too!

  11. Hi Sandy! It looks like my earlier comment didn't make it. I just wanted to say thanks for finding me so I could find you! Your paintings are inspiring. I hope to try my hand at pastels one day. I will be at the WIFAS for a class at the end of August. I hope I can see your work in person.

  12. Hi Renee,
    How nice to meet you! Thanks for such a nice compliment on my work. I hope you will thoroughly enjoy your class at WIFAS; it is such a nice environment there.

  13. Sandy I am in awe, I dont think I have seen anyone capture the sea as well as yourself, breathtaking)

  14. Sandy - you captured the power - I am sure He delighted as your created. Wonderful work!

  15. Sam, what an amazing compliment - thank you SO moooch!

    Hi Nancy ;) Welcome and thank you very much!