February 11, 2011

Carry Hope

Carry Hope 6" x 12" oil on panel

Six inches tall, nine months to completion....I'm not sure that is going to work well in a production mode but some paintings just won't get off the easel until they are ready. This is one of those. For all that I put in to this piece I am a bit sad that I started it last May before I started making my own panels because I am not thrilled with the texture of this one. I used a Dick Blick 3/8" canvas panel for this oil painting and you can see the texture pretty clearly in the image below (especially so if you click on it).

I am considering using this piece as a study for a larger piece but if I do that math, it will take me 5 years (60 months) to complete a 20 x 24 and I'm not sure I'm up for that. On the subject of birds and girls...take a look at this amazing painting by Karen Martin Sampson (on her blog: http://karenmartinarts.blogspot.com/).

Thanks to all for stopping by. Happy Painting!


  1. oh my Sandy, tis is pure peace and joy! so beautifully done. i revel in the texture of the panel but i understand that you wanted something else. the composition and cool feeling, the warmth of her cheek, the blue of the earring is the perfect whisper of color. Bravo and congratulations, this is stunning. enjoy the weekend!

  2. This is lovely, Sandy. You'll probably do your second one much faster. :)

  3. Sandy, this painting is Brilliant! I know you are disappointed in Dick Blicks panel. No one would ever find fault with this lovely painting.

    Happy Painting to you.

  4. But how could you think this is anything other than staggering! A study for a larger piece? If I had produced this, I would class it as a masterpiece!!!

  5. Lovely. Such symbolism and peace. Beautiful opalescence in the dove.

  6. Suz, thanks so much for your very thoughtful comment.

    Kari, I am still laughing at that thought.

    Joan, So many thanks for stopping by and for your amazingly kind comment.

    Sandra, wow, that is one powerful compliment. Thank you!

    Carol, it is so nice of you to stop by; thank you for your kind comment.

  7. Sandy, I am very flattered that you mentioned my latest piece and linked to my blog - thank you! I got a new follower too! This piece is just lovely - it has such serenity and mystery. Even though it took a while to complete (and paintings take as long as they need to regardless of one's own wishes), I think doing a larger version would go more quickly for you as you have worked out the decisions that had to be made along the way. I also understand your frustration over the texture of the canvas, but no one will notice (until you point it out!). I just love the delicacy of the bird.

  8. This is a beauty, worth the effort and the time spent on it. Love it!

  9. I clicked on the detail to see the texture problems you were dealing with and ended up getting all caught up in the outstanding detail work you put into this beauty. Look at those strands of hair! ...and the earrings! ...and the down of the bird! Just outstanding.

    I'm glad you mention Karen's blog. I've enjoyed getting to know her recently through our blogosphere. She has been so generous in allowing us to see 'behind the curtain' as she creates her latest masterpiece.


  10. wow, so much detail. What a lot of time you've put into - it's beautiful.

  11. Karen, Thanks so much for your thoughtful and kind comment.

    Diana, Welome and thanks so much.

    Don, You are so kind, really. Thank you for that remarkable compliment. I, too, always look forward to seeing what Karen has on her easel.

    Stepsister, Thank you for stopping by my blog. Welcome and I really appreciate that nice comment.

  12. I love absolutely everything about this painting:)

  13. Gosh, thanks so much Hissnhowl!