May 05, 2008

Seascape using Hahnemuhle Velour

Always going and always growin' - or so it seems. Times are busy but I've come to realize I must be the one who makes it that way. I get wrapped up in wanting to do so many different things, it gets difficult to fit them all in to the bucket. After a spell of other projects, I made it back to the easel for a day of painting.

This is a scene from my local area, Whidbey Island, Washington - I LOVE it here!

Hahnemuhle Velour
I wanted to try out some new-to-me pastel paper. It's Hahnemuhle Velour, mould-made paper, from Germany. The company has been around since 1584 so I figured they should know what to do to make quality paper.

This is my first attempt on the new surface. It's 9.4 x 12.6 inches because that's the size of the paper. It's soft and I like how it takes the pastels. I used the same variety of pastels I usually do. Nupastels, Unisons (ahhh), Schmincke, Sennelier & whatever else is close-at-hand. The paper held it well but there are no hard edges here! I'll probably try some more experimenting with this ~ I enjoyed working on it.

I think artists typically fall into two different categories regarding supports and supplies. Some work with what is there and standard and others just can't seem to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. As torturous as it is; I fear I fall into the second category. Such as it is; it is.

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  1. I am so excited that you've started a blog although I don't know how articlate my responses will be because your art and heart often leave me speechless! Please keep reinventing the wheel--it didn't evolve in a nano second and we're not finished refining it.