May 27, 2008

More water, please

Whidbey Island Life
16 x 20, pastel
sold $775 partial proceeds to Orca Network Organization

Though well-planned, this piece is straight from the heart. Those are "my" waves, the ones just outside my studio and I study them with a passion, almost to the point of drinking them, I think. I'm back to Sennelier La Carte ~ I just love this paper. I chose the salmon-colored paper, which I often do since it is the complimentary color for the blues in the water. It adds a great vibration in the painting. I photographed this painting as I worked through it in anticipation of using it as part of an instructional video (thanks for that idea, friends and family). Please stay tuned for that and let me know if you're interested. If you are, it will kick that project up a notch further on my radar.

Whidbey Island Life (16 x 20) can be seen in greater detail on my website.


  1. Anonymous5/27/2008

    I love the seascapes you paint... especially your waves, Sandy. I can almost feel the spray of the surf against my cheeks! just beautiful.
    Yep... love your seascapes... almost as much as your cats! but, that's me for ya =)
    Wonderful blog! thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!
    Kris & krew

  2. I'm so excited you've started this blog and I look forward to being inspired by your entries. This seascape is breathtaking!
    I agree with Kris & krew - thanks so much for sharing!