March 13, 2015

Boys on the Beach

Beach Boys (11x14 oil on panel) SOLD

I love it when the title "works" with the piece and admit I sometimes wonder why artists choose the names they do for paintings. Some are obvious; others, we will never understand. 

Realizing the title to this may be a little obscure; I thought I'd share the meaning behind it. 

I love (did I say love?) LOVE plein air (outdoor) painting and suspect I have as many stories about those adventures as I do paintbrushes. This one is no exception. A friend and I were just setting up our gear on the beach when a couple of young boys ran over to see what we were doing.

I am pretty good at guessing what entertains ten year old boys. If I were a gambling girl, I would have lost a big bet on those two. Those boys quietly entertained themselves looking at rocks and turning over seaweed for more than two hours just so they could see our paintings! Wow, well blow me over. I just smiled out loud about that for days. Hence, the name.



  1. I love titling paintings - Sometimes it's fun to think outside of the box too! The title for this is perfect - as is the painting its self... Beautiful! :0)

  2. Hi Sandy ----I really like this one, because of the brush strokes and the brightnest of the day it is showing. I like how the grasses appear to seem like they are real. This really takes a skilled artist! Loved the story behind it also.