September 14, 2009

Peace after All

Happily, I am back to say that after three failed attempts, the painting that “wanted to be” delivered itself on my easel. Whew. I was really beginning to think I had lost my touch. In fact, what I just did was gain my loss of control. What a sense of freedom that is! It is difficult to let go and just allow the painting to take over, especially when I think I know what needs to happen; when I have “a plan.” Funny, I think I’ve already learned this in life and now it is manifesting itself right on my easel. Right in my face. That is reinforcement. So, I am going with it. And, I can say it has been a bit tough lately but I can also say I have made the longest and most rewarding strides in my work since I’ve made these latest “allowances.”

It isn’t always about the result. Sometimes, it is about what I learn as I move from one phase to another and that is what I see when I look at a piece of work. That is why I can love something I finished years ago and, even though it is technically incorrect, it may hold personal value to me – it may hold an entire life-lesson. I am not running around trying to “fix” what I did back then. I am trying to build upon the knowledge I have spent a lifetime investing my heart in since then. This is the piece that would not be refused and would not succumb to my directives:

Proof of Peace
16 x 20

As always, thanks for stopping by and, for you artists....
may you find peace at the easel.

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