September 26, 2008

Pastel on Watercolor Paper

Tread Lightly 12 x 22
Pastel on Arches Watercolor paper
Charity Supported: Pasado's Safe Haven

It has taken me awhile to let go of this piece. I have decided to finally decided to offer it for sale. In my mind, it is just so tranquil. I can pop in there so fast when I need a place to "be" that is just a little more calm than where I am. It's a special place in the valley (Skagit Valley in Washington) that is home to lots of animals roaming freely and, strangely, every time I've been there the sun has been shining. Anyone living in Washington knows just how strange that is.

This was one of those experimental pieces that just fell together and I loved every minute of working on it. One of those I was there but not there pieces so it was fun to be done, sit back, and then say "Oh, look what happened while I was gone!" It is painted with a variety of pastels (Nupastels, Unisons, Schmincke's, Diane Townsends, and a few others I'm sure) on Arches watercolor paper. From a distance, it looks pretty smooth but up close you can see the texture of the surface. Loads of fun!

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