July 15, 2015

Ants, a Peacock and a Snake

So how does one fit ants, a peacock and a snake all in to one story? Well, if you happen to be a plein air painter, this is fairly easy to do.

Heading off to Skagit Valley (WA) to paint for the day is always a treat. The valley is lush, fertile land and filled with wildlife; from miniature donkeys to graceful Trumpeter swans. Truly, the possibilities for an artist can be overwhelming.

My internal compass usually lands me pretty close to water and this day was no different. I wandered the back roads until I came upon an inviting slough. One of the challenges was getting set up securely. The speed limit on the road is 50 so it seemed a good idea to set up on the "other" side of the guardrail.

The downside of that decision is that it meant I would be standing on an incline on a fairly steep slope but I saw no other option.

I generally toss down a small drop-cloth in case I drop things, or sometimes just to keep the crud and bugs off my feet. I decided not to do that this day; the slope was too steep so I opted not to use the drop-cloth but instead got to work setting up my easel.

All set! I was ready for my first stroke of paint when I realized my feet were on fire!! I looked down and both my feet were covered with ants! I quickly moved, apologized for stepping on their house and got re situated.

Yep, you guessed it; here comes the peacock, wandering down the side of the road. Seriously? I just didn't expect that.

After the distractions, I got some work done and made quick of packing up my gear. It was hot and I was ready to seek some shade. All loaded, I took that one giant step over the guardrail, and was within inches of stepping on a snake!

So there's how you fit an ant, a peacock and snake into a story without telling a bar-room joke. 


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  1. That was just too funny! Feet on fire, a wandering pea hen, a non-striking snake, and a pacifist artist! I loved it.