August 16, 2013

This Way to the Beach

Where does a girl go for the entire summer, you ask? "Why, outside, of course."

Yes, yes, I have been back plein air painting and off on some wild adventures. So many that I have barely been on the computer; it's all I can do to stay in the house. One of my favorite spots is on the west side of Whidbey Island (Washington). There is something so serene about painting the water while listening to the waves rolling onto the shore in the background.   
Last time I mentioned my set up, it was larger. I'm now working so everything fits in my backpack and I've chosen a standard size of 8x10. It makes it easier for me to plan things that way. I may switch out to a 9x12 later but for now I am enjoying this small size.
And, because I wanted to work smaller, Larry built an even smaller Attaché Board (we've nicknamed him "Pierre") - here he is all decked out:
This is my little plein air oil painting for my stint at West Beach:



  1. So beautiful and serence. i love the cooler blue near the sand and the sienna in the objects in the foreground. really brings everything together so well! looks like you had fun!

  2. Hi Suz, Thanks so much for stopping by and for the ever-kind comments!