October 14, 2012

October Skies, Plein Aire Study

October Skies (10 x 8 Plein Aire Study)
I'm finding with plein aire painting (I'm new to this) that there is a pull between slowing down and speeding things up and knowing the right time to do which one. For instance, I have found it important to spend some time getting a "feel" for the place I am going to paint. I don't want to just jump in and start painting. I want to bond. Maybe it's corny but it's the truth. That being said, I also find once I am set up and ready to paint, nature takes over and sometimes pushes me along to paint faster before the sun leaves that spot or before the storm arrives. Both of which were the case in the painting above from a couple days ago.
Of course, it's not always like that but I am finding lots of enjoyment in the challenges being tossed at me with each new adventure!
This is my simple set-up just before starting the painting. You can almost see the gray clouds forming on the left. They didn't stop me though, today I headed back to the beach in 25 mph winds :).


  1. Well, you're very much braver than I am as I rarely go out side of the studio with my easel! But what a beautiful scene you have captured! So tranquil and calming. Just wonderful - and I loved seeing your set up! :0)

  2. Hi Sandra, You know, if I had as much good stuff to drink in my studio as you do I probably wouldn't go outside much either. hehe.