February 07, 2012


Diligence (pastel 16 x 20)

Don't worry, it does eventually move.
This is a piece I recently finished for my upcoming animal show at Cole Gallery. I did the study for this years ago and have always enjoyed the simplicity of the lines and the implied, impending, action. Gravy (our beloved golden man cat) would sit and stare at that ball with the patience of Job. Sometimes, when I couldn't wait any longer, I would turn on a fan or walk past the ball and tap it as inconspicuously as possible. That would get him going for another 20 minute stare-down. Eventually, he would do the full-on POUNCE!


  1. This is a wonderful painting, Sandy. Love the strong values, edges and palette you've used here. And, of course, there's the fact that it features a cat...

  2. lol. If only humans had a fraction of the patience of cats and other stalkers like herons or cranes....

    The lines, light and shadow in this painting are just prefect.

  3. What fabulous light and sweet piece of a beautiful kitty kat!

  4. stunning work sandy! great story as well! bravo!

  5. I LOVE this! Like you, I like the feeling of anticipation, but most of all I love how you have used the light and how just a little of the cat catches the light. Genius!

  6. Gorgeous, and so well tells the story that any cat lover knows!

  7. Just got your e-newsletter and was in complete understanding of your description of the snow geese. I used to live in Stanwood,WA and they would take my breath away every year. I continue to be inspired by your beautiful work and love what you do.

  8. Truly beautiful....a real sense of a moment in time...I love the light catching on the fur.

  9. Sonya, Thank you so muchfor stopping by and commenting on my little man-cat painting.

    Hi Deborah. Haha! Yes, indeed on the human remark. Thank you for the nice comment on my painting.

    Cynthia, aw, thanks ;)

    Suz, you are so kind - thank you!

    Hi Sandra - Gosh, I felt my head swelling as soon as I read "genius" and then thought, nah, she started writing to someone else :)

    Hi Gail - it's so nice to "see" you. Thank you for the nice comment and for stopping by.

    RL - Thank you so much for the kind comment about my work and how nice to meet someone who can "feel" the geese right along with me!

  10. Hi Gabriel,
    Welcome and thank you so much for you kind comment on my painting!