August 16, 2011

Miss Biscuit making an appearance

 Daily Blessing (10 x 8 dry pastel on pastelmat)

As a kitty with candy striped legs
you arrived swiftly into my heart.
Sixteen years later and my heart still
smiles with each new day we share.

One of these days I will count how many paintings I have done of my litte Miss Biscuit. I never, ever, get tired of painting her. With each new piece, I can only hope to add more of her amazing spirit to this world.


  1. OK, I really thought this was a photo until I looked closer, Sandy! How great to have such a loyal friend and to be able to capture memories of her this way.

  2. So sweet! I love Miss Biscuit, and I can see why you never tire of painting her. It was a treat to come upon your name on a another's blog, because it has been a while since I visited your site due to a busy summer. Sandy, such beautiful work! Thanks for sharing Miss Biscuit with us.

  3. Awww...I smiled when I saw this painting on my Dashboard feed! Miss Biscuit is always so lovely in your paintings, and I certainly never tire of seeing your interpretations of her :).

    Your painting reminds me of how blessed we are to have our beloved feline companions in our lives.

  4. Such a fabulous portrait of a gorgeous girl!

  5. What a pretty kitty. Fabulous painting of Miss Biscuit! My childhood kitty is still hanging in there. Casey is a fierce 18 year old red head. He is still with my Mom and he's still as spry as when he was a kitten. Lovely post:)

  6. I would love to see you at work, Sandy!! This is an outstanding piece. She is beautiful!. I've said it before but you are so incredibly talented!

  7. What a sweet sweet kitty captured her soul in those eyes.....just beautiful..........

  8. This is a photo, right? Right? It is, isn't it? But your label says it's a pastel... Are you SURE you haven't posted the photo by mistake???
    Are you absolutely positive???
    Unbelievable!!!! :0D

  9. Thank you Deborah! I absolutely adore Miss B and I feel privileged to be able to paint her.

    Carol, thanks so much for stopping back in to visit my blog and for such a sweet comment about my little Miss Biscuit.

    Sonya, Thank you so much! I could not agree more.

    Dear Monkeys, you know Miss B has her eye on that Sweet Samson, right?

    Hi Carrie, Thank you for the nice comment. That is so wonderful about your childhood kitty!

    Dear Hilda, you are so generous with your compliments. Thank you so much!!

    Cynthia, Thank you so much - Miss B has the most gorgeous eyes and for me it's always fun, yet a challenge, to try to portray them as beautiful as they really are.

    Sandra, haha! You're funny. Yep, I'm sure, I have the dusty fingers to prove it :).

  10. This is a beautiful painting, the eyes are so beautifully lifelike painted. Brilliant!

  11. Renske; thank you so much for the kind comment!

    Jala; I so appreciate you stopping by and your nice comment. Thank you.

  12. Absolutely stunning portrait! I never tire of seeing your portraits of her. Her beautiful soul radiates through her eyes.

  13. Paws for Thought

    Jut found your site...have now spent about 2 hours trolling through it in awe and wonder. Then I noticed you I figured you might enjoy this.

    Paws curl,
    All’s right.
    Precisely as creation meant.