November 05, 2010

Howard Mandville Show in Kirkland, WA

Return Ever Safely (pastel 11 x 14)
You can read more about this painting on my website


Is there any chance you'll be in KIRKLAND, Washington, soon? If so, I would love to have you visit the Howard/Mandville Gallery where I have been invited to participate in their 20th Annual Small Works Show. I have been visiting the Howard/Mandville Gallery for years as a guest. Now, I am humbled to have my paintings hanging next to the works of many notable artists such as:
       • Robert Bateman
       • Deborah Bays
       • David Gray
       • Andre Kohn
       • Yingzhoa Liu and so many more (show preview is here)

Below is the additional piece I have submitted for the Howard/Mandville Show (another from my Morro obsession series):
Liquid Light (pastel 14 x 11)
You can read more about this painting on my website

SHOW PREVIEW DAYS: November 6th - 13th
RECEPTION & Set Price Sale of Paintings
Saturday, November 13th - 5:30 - 8pm
I will be attending the reception and HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!
For gallery hours and directions, click here.


  1. Congratulations, Sandy! Howard/Mandville is my favorite gallery. I would love to go, but I have the NPS reception the same day. Good luck with the show!

  2. Thanks so much, Kari. I know what you mean, I love HM too. I feel really honored to be showing there. Congratulations to you on the NPS show! I wish I could be two places at once; I would surely show up at your reception. Best of luck to you as well!

  3. Both paintings are so typically brilliant! Almost like a photograph! Wow!!!

  4. This is wonderful for you Sandy..your work is fabulous and deserves to be seen in the best company!
    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog regarding silk painting. Take that will love it. It is a very freeing medium for me...letting the dye flow and playing.

  5. I love seeing your art and would go to the show if possibe!!! Hope its a good one, and that you do well.. Looks like you will be in great company.

  6. Wow Robert Bateman! Big congratulations Sandy! You are one talented artist the colour variety is exquisite.

  7. Beautiful, amazing, lovely, serene....

    Well done!

  8. I wish I lived not so far away and I could see your paintings.
    I hope you had a wondeful show!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog this week, Sandy. I am about to start on a new piece but it needs a gestation period so no new images to post. I did go to drawing group yesterday but none of my drawings were too impressive - I have days where, I swear, I have forgotten how to draw!
    I do so appreciate your support and positive commentary!

  10. I love the way the bird sits so comfortably in the driftwood. It feels so right,natural and beautiful.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous work! Wish I were in WA, because I would love to see this beautiful art in real life.