April 23, 2010

Trusted Wings - pastel on Wallis (WIP)

"I Choose Flight" is the name of one of the paintings I am currently working on and that prompted me to review some of my earlier bird paintings. I thought I would share this one since I have a couple of photos of the piece in progress and I always enjoy seeing others' WIPs. This little bird was just outside my office window and I felt compelled to capture him on Wallis paper.

Using a turp wash for a smooth, gradiated surface in the background ended up as a nice touch though it takes a bit of nerve since there was no way for me to fix anything without completely redoing the entire background. I skated out of that one with a large brush and by holding my breath (whew).

I added more texture with the build-up of pastels as I added the foreground rocks (ala big bird).

I left the little baby bird whispy and soft so it felt, to me, like you could reach down and pick him up, ever-so-gently.

Well, back to the easel. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! No, really... WOW! This is spectacular! Thanks for showing us your progression. I'm totally blown away. You're right, you have captured the fragility of this young life perfectly. BTW,In case I hadn't mentioned it yet, WOW!


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Don, and for all the nice WOWs. They are going straight to my head ;).

  3. What Don said. Looks like this bird is ready for it's first flight. Nice pastel. Feathery!

  4. Thank you, Chris!I really enjoyed your White House in the Snow painitng and was hoping to see a painting of your home-schooled kitty :).

  5. WOW, you are stunningly GOOD. what don said.over and over and over again. you are a gem i'm glad to have found. your work is beyond words! this is the most amazing painting of a bird i've ever seen!

  6. Oh my, Suzanne. How do I even begin to thank you for that compliment? How very kind and special. *Thank you* so very much.