April 15, 2009

Pastel Study, Seascape

Water Me - a study, dry pastel
18 x 15
Sold partial funds to Pasado's Safe Haven
As part of my upcoming gallery show, I am doing some color studies and experimental pieces to figure out which ideas I want to pursue further. I will be offering a few of these on eBay. This study is from a beach along the Oregon coast which has always been one of my favorite spots to gather some inspiration.

This is some smashing fun water! I mixed up the media a little and used a small amount of acrylic in this, mostly for the rocks. Oh, and as usual, I probably used most of the colors in my pastel box for the water :). This is usually what goes on under the water before I start putting final coats on it. You can see all the activity starting to build. In this case I liked it so much at this stage, I put it in a frame and called it Macaroni. Just kidding, I called it
Water Me.

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