July 20, 2011

Freedom Runner

Freedom Runner (14 x 11 dry pastel) sold
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There are so many ways to describe the beauty of a horse. One of the first ways that comes to mind for me is the joy of sharing a ride across an open field with nothing but the feel of wind brushing on your face and the sound of muffled hooves as they tap the ground in a gentle rhythm. The sound reminds me of the sound of blood moving from one side of my heart to the other. These amazing animals deserve peace and freedom. 

Hi all, I'm in the studio painting but haven't posted for a while so I thought I'd post an earlier piece. See ya soon.


July 12, 2011

Foam Dancing

Foam Dancing (16 x 20 pastel)
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Foam dancing on the water’s edge,
the warm sand teasing toes,
God’s light topping waves.
Surely this is counted as a perfect day.